Pro Sportfisher Junglecock HD

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The grey junglefowl (Gallus Sonneratii), also known as Sonnerat's junglefowl has, for centuries been sought after for its exquisite feathers that are used in a lot of classic salmon flies. The Jungle fowl or more specific the male(cock) have due to the high demand been very close to extinction and is today CITES protected as an endangered species, but is still subject to illegal trading on a global scale. 

Many attempts have been made through the years to make a usable durable alternative to this magic feather, but have all failed due to the extreme environment a fly is working under. Until the launch of the Pro Jungle cock HD, it's now possible to get an ultra-lifelike, much stronger and more sustainable substitute, available in the right sizes and perfect "feathers" with no split nails. and available in natural color, as well as 7 vibrant colors to match your favorite fly pattern. 

Pro Jungle cocks specs: 

  • Available in 
      • LG   / 32 PCS PER PACK
      • ME   / 40 PCS PER PACK
      • SM   / 60 PCS PER PACK
      • XS   / 60 PCS PER PACK
      • XXS / 60 PCS PER PACK
    • Ultra durable 
    • Generous number per pack