Pro Sportfisher Nanotube

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The Pro Nanotube is Pro Sportfisher´s 3rd style of injection-molded tube offering. This product was chiefly designed for the U.S. market which really liked the Pro Microtube/Hookguide concept but wanted a longer tying surface for larger flies such as Intruders and so on. We understand that "Nano" might lead one to believe this product is smaller than Pro Microtube, but, that's just not the case! Feel free to think of this product as Pro "Macro" which sure seems to make a lot of sense!

Pro Nanotubes only differ from Pro Microtubes in a couple of areas. 1. Nano tube features a longer tying surface @ 2.2mm like the rest of the injection molded offerings fit all Pro Cones, Discs, Weights and Heads. 2. The bump at the rear of the tube is much smaller to maximize tying surface. 3. Nano port/barb/tab at the very back of the tube that accepts a Pro Hookguide is a double-port that really grips Pro Hookguides.

Pro Nanotube Specs: Nanotube styles

  • Pro Nanotube Clear
  • Pro Nanotube Black
  • Pro Nanotube Sink2...built with tungsten powder for better sink
  • Pro Nanotube Sink...built with tungsten powder for better sink

Pro Nanotubes come 14 pcs/pk