Pro Sportfisher Classic Predator Tubes

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The Pro Predator tube is developed specifically for flies for the big, toothy predators like pike and musky. The Pro Predator tube 4,8mm in diameter with increased wall thickness for extra durability. Available in 4 colours (Black, clear, fluo. orange and fluo. green) flytiers can choose the colour that matches the tying best. The large tube diameter allows you to mount almost any hook directly in the tube.

At Pro Sportfisher we also recognise the need for balancing tubeflies for the big predators. The perfect way to finish your pike tubefly is with the Pro Predator Cone (MORTEN).

Natuarally the tubes are packaged straight and each tube is 20cm long.

The Pro Predator Tube requires the Pro Predator Flexi Needle.

Pro Sportfisher Predator Sizing O.D.:

  • Pro Classic Small is 4,8mm O.D.

The Pro Predator Tube requires the Pro Predator Flexi Needle.