Pro Sportfisher Pro Softdisc

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Have quickly become a classic component of tying quivers worldwide. This product is a close "cousin" to the Pro Conedisc. Similar in shape, the difference is that Conedisc is made of Brass and Softdisc is made of plastic. Disturbance type discs in either metal or injection molded plastic primarily started and took root in "Scandinavian" countries/fisheries and has since spread around the world. Discs are an easy and effective way to slow the fly and create a small water "vortex" which force materials and wings to pulsate, move and or wiggle in varying current flows and micro seems that flies inevitably swim through.

The key to using these products is matching the size of the disc to the overall size of the fly. When in doubt, go a size smaller! The pitfall to using a disc too large is that it will create a water "vortex" or "envelope" that closes and places the water disturbance an inch or so behind a fly. It may take a bit of trial and error between a vise and some fishing time, but, hey! That's half the fun of fishing...right?