Solarez Bone Dry Plus

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Like the original ULTRA THIN BONE DRY, this product has great substrate wetting, fast sure, toughness and gloss but does so with less odor. That is a game-changer to some who are sensitive however, it is still recommended to have good ventilation in your working area: an extractor / ventilator fan would be a prudent addition to your work area. UV Cure resins certainly have less VOCs but if you irradiate up close with a high intensity at the start, you can cause the resin to react so quickly as to create a plume of smoke. This is no good for the quality of the cure (yellowing / shrinkage) and is a skin irritant. Follow this good technique for curing:
Distance the flashlight about 12" away from your project. Irradiate for 1 second. Wait 10 seconds. Irradiate again for one second. Wait ten seconds. Now irradiate for about ten seconds at a distance of about six inches, closing in, finishing up close for a few seconds. This will give you a good cure without over-reacting the resin at onset. This method will give you a stronger cure with better properties overall.