Umpqua UC655BL-BN Jig Hook

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Product Specs

Color:  Black Nickel
Size:     08, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18

The UC6555BL-BN is another competition style jig hook similar to the UC650BL-BN, but this hook pares down the extra wide gape of the UC650 with medium wire, balancing it with a slightly upturned point for optimum hooking and holding ability. It pairs well with standard slotted tungsten beads to create a variety of European-style tactical nymphs that ride point-up in the water. If you want to maximize the available shank length when tying on this hook, try it with Umpqua’s Jig Bomb beads instead. This hook is part of our UC competition hook collection designed to give anglers and tyers an unbeatable value on a carefully crafted selection of shapes that hook and hold fish in stealthy black nickel barbless models. Sold in packs of 50.

-        Jig Nymphs

-        Medium Wire

-        Wide Gape

-        60-Degree Vertical Eye

-        Barbless Upturned Point

-        Black Nickel

-        #08-#18