Awsome Possum Zonkers

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Wapsi introduced the first stripped rabbit zonkers many years ago.  Dan Byford was one of the first fly tyers to embrace the material and his creation, the Zonker, became an instant classic.  While rabbit zonkers make fantastic streamers there are times when a longer, stiffer zonker strip is an advantage; saltwater and bass flies come to mind.  Enter:   Awesome Possum Zonkers – zonker strips made of soft tanned, stripped possum hides.

This product lives up to its’ name – these zonkers are outstanding for large flies because the hair averages over 1” in length with a density similar to rabbit strips.  The stiffer hair makes the strip less likely to wrap around the bend of the hook during the cast.  The subtle blacktips also give a two-toned look adding visual appeal to the fly.

If you are looking for large zonker strips with hair slightly stiffer than rabbit then our Awesome Possum Zonkers are for you.