Wolf Moon Wendigo Net

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Wolf Moon Trout Nets are handcrafted in the USA by Bill and Donna Kallner with carefully selected materials, good design and fine craftsmanship. 

Wendigo (F)

overall length 21-1/4" / bow 14-1/2" long x 6-1/2" wide
WEA has ash bow with black walnut handle
WEM has ash bow with figured maple handle
WEA-10 and WEM-10 have 10" soft knotless sack
WEA-RC and WEM-RC have clear lightweight rubber sack

The Wendigo is a tad smaller than our popular Oxbow. Bill doesn't want me to call this net a great choice for women, because he's afraid guys will think it's only for women and it's not. It's a versatile, elegant C&R net with a smaller profile that fits comfortably on a smaller body frame and still handles fish up to about 16". And if you want to get a nice gift for a female fisherperson, you cannot go wrong with the beautiful WEM. The WEM has a figured maple handle outlined with black walnut strips and  inlays of contrasting woods. The WEA, which has a simple ash bow and black walnut handle, also gets the job done. But if you're going to have bug dope on your face and hat hair, wouldn't you like to have something pretty on your back?