April 11, 2016 1 min read

Ben Rinker from East Branch Outtfitters  www.eastbranchoutfitters.com  reported this morning that there were Hendricksons on the upper Delaware Main Stem and the fish were on them. Also, Ben saw scattered Blue Quills and early Stoneflies as well. Ben said water levels are good, with the West Branch Delaware running 556 cfs at Hale Eddy, the East Branch running 1470 cfs at Fishes Eddy, and the Main Stem running 3170 cfs at Lordville.  Water temps are in the mid-40s.  Ben reported that some rain today will swell the river and throw some color but levels should remain nicely fishable. At the moment, sections of both the East and West branches are wadeable, with the Main Stem suitable for floating.   Catskill weather for the coming weekend looks great with daytime temps in the mid-60s.