April 12, 2016 1 min read

Good morning Compleat Angler Community!  Here’s the stream conditions for April 12th.  It is raining as I write this, with more rain (some of it heavy) forecasted throughout today.  Air temps will be warming nicely as the week continues with clear skies so trout fishing through the weekend should be awesome!  All rivers are reporting hatches of Hendricksons (about two weeks early, and the fish are on them!) along with Olives, Blue Quills, winter Caddis and black and brown Stoneflies. Nymphs have been working really well (small Hendrickson-type imitations, Stoneflies, Copper Johns, Flashbacks, Scuds, and other small patterns). And don’t forget to include a few streamers in your box when the water is up! All rivers will go up slightly with today’s rains, but flows should be very healthy for the remaining week!

Current Flows (cfs)  are as follows:

West Branch Farmington at Riverton:  169 cfs

Still River at Robertsville:   165 cfs

Farmington River in New Hartford through the TMA:   334 cfs

Housatonic at Gaylordsville:  1980 cfs

Main Stem, Delaware River at Lordville:  3640 cfs  @ 42 degrees

East Branch Delaware at Fishes Eddy:   1580 cfs @ 42 degrees

West Branch Delaware at Hale Eddy:  1020 cfs @ 40 degrees

Tight Lines!