Belted Cow Megan Boyd Flies Leather Tab Belt

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One of our most intricate fly fishing designs to date. Each fly on this stunning ribbon is depicted with detail and color that Megan Boyd herself would have been proud of. For the fly fishing enthusiast, the Megan Boyd flies belt is a must have. Fly designs depicted- Beaconsfield, Silver Doctor, Green, Snow, Gary Hairwing, Megan Boyd, Sailor, and Wilkinson.  Megan Boyd was a legendary fly tyer who tied flies for the better part of 60 years. Megan tied traditional patterns for her customers but is also credited with one of her own invention; the Megan Boyd. This famous fly is featured on our belt. To purchase the Megan Boyd documentary visit "Kiss the Water".

This belt features an artisan designed signature ribbon with 8 intricately depicted fly designs stitched onto 100% cotton webbing and fully stitched leather tabs cut from full grain Italian leather. We finish each belt with solid cast brass buckles in a brushed silver. Proudly Made in the Maine.