Cortland Trout Boss Fly Line

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Cortland’s Trout Boss line features a complex new taper with a thinner core and Cortland’s proprietary heat-tempered surface treatment. This is a line for the freshwater enthusiast and comes in two different versions: a WF version and a DT version. The weight forward version is ideal for nymphing, Steelhead angling, and loading high-performance fly rods quickly. If you prefer a traditional-style line, the double taper is ideal for dry flies, moderate action fly rods, and finesse. Regardless of your desired approach, this is a versatile fly line built for the avid freshwater angler.



Welded Loops, High Floating Coating - Cortland has built a few different features into this line to keep it simple and functional on the water. The line is designed to float high in the water with a coating that also improves casting capabilities. Loops at both ends allow anglers to easily attach leaders and backing so you can focus on the fishing instead of the rigging. The line also has an obvious color change where the head ends and the running line begins so you can always be sure you’re loading your rod properly for those long-distance casts.



Trout, Nymphing, Freshwater - The short, 35-foot head on the WF version of the line is conducive to all-around trout fishing. This taper is ideal for turning over heavy nymph rigs in windy conditions or casting larger dry flies from a boat. If you’re looking for a more technical, dry fly specific line, check out the double taper version of this line for improved dry fly casting performance at a multitude of distances.



Cold/Moderate - This line is made to be used in cold and moderate climates including freshwater streams and rivers, lakes, and almost any climate. That being said, this line will turn limp in tropical climates and isn’t meant to be used in high heat.



WF and DT Available - There are two different versions of the Trout Boss line from Cortland. The WF version features a 35’ head for easy loading capabilities and improved performance with nymph rigs and larger dries. The double taper is a great line option for anglers fishing moderate action rods with small dry flies or anglers who prefer a traditional-style line. The WF5F line has a 160-grain head which is a full line size heavy for improved nymphing performance for trout, Steelhead, and more.