Custom Tied Saltwater Clouser Minnow

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The classic Clouser Minnow with a twist. 

First designed by Bob Clouser as a Smallmouth Bass fly, the Clouser has become one of the most fished and effective flies out there. Adapted to saltwater situations, the Clouser Minnow is a cornerstone of any saltwater anglers fly box. This fly will take anything from Bonefish and Permit to Trout and Striped Bass. Its is just a great baitfish pattern that will work in both fresh and saltwater around the globe. 

This is perhaps the "go-to" Striper fly in the Northeast. And for good reason. This fly is really tough to beat in terms of productivity. Stripers love this fly and it's a rare day when this fly is out fished by another pattern. The weighted lead eyes get the fly down into the strike zone and when tied to the leader with a loop knot, has a jigging action that drives fish nuts. More often than not, this fly will get hammered on the fall. A testament to the design of this fly. 

Clousers are tied in a few diffrent ways. It seems like everybody had their own twist on this pattern. Mikey has adapted these for saltwater specific species. The body is tied in a manner that give this fly a larger profile without adding bulk. Keeping this fly relatively sparse is one of the keys to its efficacy. These Clousers are tied on Mustad Saltwater grade hooks and very durable. 

Many saltwater die-hards have a full box of just Clousers in different sizes and colors. We all do. That is because if all else fails, tie on a Clouser and chances are; you will start catching fish. 

Length: Size 1 = 3 Inches

Length: Size 2/0 = 4 Inches