Custom Tied Saltwater Deceivers

These are not your generic run of the mill Deceivers. These flies are custom tied here in Connecticut by our very own Mikey Mo.

These flies are deadly on Stripers and designed specifically for Northeast Striped Bass fly fishing. But make no mistake, these flies will take fish anywhere. They come in 2 sizes and multiple colors to imitate a wide variety of baitfish species.

This is one of our top selling flies and has become a core fly for many of our customers. It certainly is a go to for us here at the shop. These Deceivers  are  beautifully tied, durable and very castable. These flies are not too bulky, not too sparse, they are tied just right and look great in the water. 

Length: Size 2 = 3 Inches 

Length: Size 2/0 = 5 Inches