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Nautilus GTX Fly Reel

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New for 2020, the GTX from Nautilus Reels is in a class of its own. Designed to be fished beyond IGFA regulations, this reel is equipped to go head-to-head with your terminal tackle, and with a maximum drag of 25 pounds, the GTX is built to put the brakes on the fastest and strongest fish on the planet.

Think GT's in the Indian Ocean with straight 100lb leader, 80lb core fly lines and oversized hooks. Think Yellowfin Tuna off the oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico with dozens of 200 yard runs and tackle busting stamina. This reel is specifically designed for this type of fishing. 

The GTX is a 5-inch diameter reel with a narrow 1.1-inch wide spool that holds 500 yards of 60 pound braid. The spool is lightweight and intricately machined with our Giga spool design to promote strength, maximum line pickup, and fast line drying to prevent corrosion when stored.

The GTX brake is a brand new design that is best described as a hybrid NV-G/CCF-X2/X-Series drag on steroids. It features a new pressure spring that is sandwiched between two aluminum discs that rotate in unison, which applies even pressure to the drag surfaces.

The new dual drag surface features an oversized carbon fiber disc on one side and a cork/Kevlar®/carbon fiber hybrid on the other. The cork acts as a compression material to ensure a smooth drag transition while the carbon fiber delivers the market-leading overall smoothness that Nautilus Reels is known for. The new Kevlar® mid layer provides additional rigidity to the drag surface and spreads the pressure more evenly across the surface, insulating any heat generated by friction and dampening vibrations for the smoothest perceived drag on the market.

The Nautilus Reels GTX delivers 8.7 ounces of optimized fighting power at an MSRP of $1300. Available in Black or Silver.


If you would like this reel rigged for Geets or Billfish, call the shop to place the order. The rigging for these fish is much more involved than your average set-up. Many of our customers have fished for these species and we know what knots, line, and backing you need. We have everything in stock and the expertise to set this reel up properly.

Model Line Capacity Weight
GTX WF12 +300 yds #30 8.7 oz
WF12 +540 yds #50 Gelspun