Pro Sportfisher Pro Conedisc

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The Pro Sportfisher Conediscs (affectionately know as the reverse trumpet cone) is designed to combine the best of the “classic” coneheads and the more modern disc-heads like the Ultra Sonic Discs. With the Pro Conedisc, you get the best of both worlds, combining the weight of the coneheads and vortex-creating properties of the Sonic discs.

Like all our front-mounted add-ons, there’s a generous cavity for thread and hackles in the back of the head.

Pro Conedisc Specs:

  • Small (10 pcs/pk): 6mm, 0.18 grams/2.78 grains
  • Medium (9 pcs/pk): 8mm, 0.32 grams/4.94 grains
  • Large (9 pcs/pk): 10mm, 0.46 grams/7.10 grains

** Pro Sportfisher Pro Conedisc will fit all: Pro Microtube, Pro Nanotube, Pro Flexitube 40/40 and Pro Classic Medium tubing options**