Pro Sportfisher Softhead

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Pro Soft Heads simply put are AWESOME! Creating baitfish heads in days gone by was a definite labor of love with two-part epoxies, turning wheels and swear words! No more sticky epoxy fingers and unnecessary weight when finishing flies with injection molded soft style heads. Pro Soft Heads are molded out of intermediate fly material. This means that the product does not neccessarily create sink or float but gives a neutral buoyancy allowing the weight in the fly or the line type chosen to due it's job and get flies quickly in the zone!

Soft Heads will fit Pro Microtube, Pro Nanotube, Pro Flexitube 40/40, and Pro Classic Medium tubing as well as standard hooks and most ring eyes ranging from #2-#6/0 making this product terrifically verstile.

Pro Soft Head Specs

  • X-Small (11 pcs/pk): 0.14 grams in weight
  • Small (10 pcs/pk): 0.22 grams in weight
  • Medium (9 pcs/pk): 0.68 grams in weight
  • Large (8 pcs/pk): 1.21 grams in weight

Pro Soft Head Fittment

  • X-Small will fit 4 mm eye of choice
  • Small will fit 6 mm eye of choice
  • Medium will fit 8 mm eye of choice
  • Large will fit 10mm eye of choice