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Sage Trout Spey Spare Spool

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Classic aesthetics with modern performance. Drawing inspiration from the historic Sage 500 series reels, the Modern Classics collection introduces reels designed for the angler longing for a nod to the past. A romantic appeal to designs and colors that reflect a classic feel of old yet packed with performance features that will assure you'll never lose that fish of a lifetime.

The TROUT SPEY reel features our proven One Revolution, Sealed Carbon System (SCS) drag, while encompassing a full-frame design to assure thin running lines do not migrate between the spool and frame during dynamic casting motions. Similarly styled to the SPEY Reel, The TROUT SPEY has a larger width for increased shooting head capacity and greater weight to help better balance Trout Spey rods. In the 1/2/3 you have a reel perfectly suited to ultra-light Trout Spey applications or the angler looking for a lighter weight solution for their 3wt. The 3/4/5 offers a heavier solution for the 3wt or a nice match to a 4wt or 5wt Trout Spey rod.

Classic – now with smoother, more consistent, and reliable performance.

Model Color Capacity Size SKU
TROUT SPEY 1/2/3 SPOOL Bronze 275gr. Skagit Trout + 100ft SL + 150yds/20lb 1/2/3 32-7400S12301
TROUT SPEY 1/2/3 SPOOL Stealth/Silver 275gr. Skagit Trout + 100ft SL + 150yds/20lb 1/2/3 32-7400S12302
TROUT SPEY 3/4/5 SPOOL Bronze 375gr. Skagit Trout + 100ft SL + 150yds/20lb 3/4/5 32-7400S34501
TROUT SPEY 3/4/5 SPOOL Stealth/Silver 375gr. Skagit Trout + 100ft SL + 150yds/20lb 3/4/5 32-7400S34502