Scientific Anglers Amplitude Textured Tropical/Jungle Titan Fly Line

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The first series of lines to feature the revolutionary AST PLUS slickness additive, the Amplitude will shoot farther and last longer than any other line on the market. It’s slickness down to a science.

We’ve taken our Titan taper, placed in on our Tropi-Core tropical core, and created the perfect line for throwing large flies in the hottest environments. The Amplitude Textured Tropical/Jungle Titan features the revolutionary AST Plus slickness additive, meaning it is more durable, and slicker, than other lines built for the salt. From tarpon and permit to snook and redfish, this line is built for the harshest environments, and biggest fish, out there. Designed with a camo tip, the Tropical Titan provides power, stealth, and durability. What more could you ask for?

  • Features the revolutionary AST Plus slickness additive for superior shooting ability and increased durability
  • High-contrast sighter to identify the back of the line when fighting fish on long runs
  • Floating Texture on the tip section for the ultimate in flotation
  • Shooting Texture running line delivers longer casts
  • High-contrast sighter to identify the back of the line when fighting fish; camo tip for stealth
  • Powerful head loads quickly and delivers large flies to distant targets; ideal for tarpon, permit, snook, and redfish; useful for GTs, bonefish, and sea trout
  • Built two line sizes heavy; use designated line weight for your rod
  • Tropi-Core technology remains stiff and slick in tropical environments
  • SA AMP TROP TITAN WF X F (X = line weight)
WF-6-F 43.0’/13,1m 100.0’/30,5m 280gr/18,1g 210gr/13,6g
WF-7-F 43.0’/13,1m 100.0’/30,5m 320gr/20,7g 240gr/15,6g
WF-8-F 43.0’/13,1m 100.0’/30,5m 380gr/24,6g 280gr/18,1g
WF-9-F 43.0’/13,1m 100.0’/30,5m 435gr/28,2g 330gr/21,4g
WF-10-F 43.0’/13,1m 100.0’/30,5m 505gr/32,7g 380gr/24,6g
WF-11-F 43.0’/13,1m 100.0’/30,5m 610gr/39,5g 450gr/29,2g
WF-12-F 43.0’/13,1m 100.0’/30,5m 680gr/44,1g 500gr/32,4g