Wolf Moon Oxbow Net

overall length 24³ / bow 17³ long x 7³ wide

OXW has ash bow with black walnut handle
OXM has ash bow with figured maple handle
OXW-10 and OXM-10 have 10³ soft knotless sack
OXW-RC and OXM-RC have clear lightweight rubber sack

Our best-selling C&R net holds a 19³ fish with room to spare and it's comfortable on your back while you're walking and wading even if you're short. The Oxbow is available with two sack options and two handle options. The ash bow comes with a simple black walnut handle (OXW) to get the job done and look good doing it. The other handle option is every bit as functional but it features a figured maple handle outlined with black walnut strips and  inlays of contrasting woods.